When a stone is claw set the claw is more exposed to everyday wear and tear as it is set over the stone. Long term wear can result in the claw wearing and sometimes breaking off which will make the possibility of losing a stone more likely.

For peace of mind any diamond ring should be checked regularly for its condition by a quality jeweller.

If Claws have become excessively worn or have broken off this is when they may need replacing or re-tipping which we are able to do the the highest of standards.

The re-tipping process requires a high level of skill and accuracy to ensure good results. If the claw is worn it can be re-built up to its original level, if this is done it is also recommended that this be done to any other claws on the ring as the repair will be very noticeable.

A broken claw will need to be replaced by filing down and replacing with a complete new claw.

If you would like a quote from claw replacement or re-tipping please click HERE.