We specialise in the design and remodelling of jewellery that is no longer worn or has been passed down requiring
an up to date design.

We have a team of qualified jewellery designers helping us create traditional, classic, antique or modern up to date designs.

Starting with a detailed sketch then creating a 3D image, we can also create your design in a wax or resin for your approval.

Whether it be Diamond rings, Earrings, Stone set bracelets, diamond brooches or diamond bracelets, with our meticulous attention to detail we will create you a beautiful piece of jewellery.

We are also able to manufacture jewellery from your drawing or artwork. We can communicate your ideas over the phone and online.

By very special arrangement we are able to make appointments at your home or work. This is available via our Royal Jewellery Care Service.

If you would like to make an appointment for jewellery re-modelling or jewellery design please click HERE.