This is a very popular service we offer, we are able to bring back to life you white gold items restoring them back
to their original glory.

White gold starts it’s life as yellow gold and is mixed with other white metals to give it’s white colour. In order to achieve the bright white colour associated with white gold a metal known as rhodium is used to plate the metal. Over time this plating can wear and metal can begin to look slightly yellow.  The process of re-plating involves stripping off any old Rhodium and polishing the metal making sure there are no impurities. A thin layer of rhodium is then plated onto the surface and the finished result will be a piece of jewellery which looks as good as the day it was made.

When we take in a piece of white gold which needs to be re-plated we carefully asses the condition of your piece of jewellery and if there are any other recommendations in regards to the repair we will let you know first – We will only ever do the work you ask us to do.

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