We are able to size up or size down which ever you require,we have all the modern facilities available to offer you a quality ring re-sizing whether it be in Platinum, Palladium, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold or 9ct Yellow Gold. After examining your piece of jewellery carefully we will recommend the best procedure to size your ring. If an increase of a number of sizes is required we may recommend putting a piece in. We can replace ¼ Shank, ½ Shank or ¾ Shank dependant on what is needed.

The cost for resizing can sometimes vary dependant on the item and what is required, however, we will always aim to give an estimation of the cost when the repair is received. If this is not possible we will contact you after further examination either by telephone or email to advise. You are under no obligation to accept this quote and we are more than happy to return your item to you if you decide against the repair.

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