Unusual Shaped Engagement Ring?

Sometimes we are lead to believe that the process of choosing a shaped wedding band is difficult, we are pleased to tell you this is not the case.

At McSorley’s Wedding Ring Shop our aim is to make to process as easy as possible, we keep a large selection of popular shaped wedding bands in stock and in most cases we can usually find a ring that fits your engagement ring straight away.

Our shaped wedding band guide below shows a selection of unusual shaped engagement rings and the wedding bands we have created to fit:

shaped wedding band guide

As you can see from the sketches above a shaped wedding band can be as plain or as intricate as you desire and with regards to shape anything is possible. If you have seen a design you like, even on a straight band, or there are aspects of your engagement ring you would like to replicate these can all be incorporated onto a shaped wedding band.

Did you know?

Sometimes you may not even need a shaped wedding band to fit an unusual shaped engagement ring. In some instances there is a small alteration we can make to your engagement ring in a process known as fashioning, this ensures that any straight band will fit flush to your engagement ring. This is a common process we have done many times over the years and the results have always been well received.

Any adjustments we make to you engagement ring are done free of charge and are guaranteed.

Free Wax Sample

For your own peace of mind we can even produce a free wax sample of your chosen shaped wedding ring design first to ensure that the shape will fit perfect.

We have a team of four qualified designers and together with your help and the latest in CAD technology I'm sure we can produce the perfect wedding band.

Purchasing a shaped wedding ring can be the time when you require the advice and assistance of an expert. At McSorley’s Wedding Ring Shop our aim is to make the design and purchase of your shaped wedding band both a knowledgeable and enjoyable experience.

Please feel free to contact us or arrange an appointment to come and visit us at our wedding ring boutique in Leeds.

Our guide to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring also provides advice and information on The 4C’s for choosing the perfect diamond(s) and precious metals which may also be useful when choosing your shaped wedding band.
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